Life Style and Health

Do not think that you have to lose weight. Instead think that you require a change in lifestyle.

Do not start a diet if you’re determined to lose weight. A rise in the waistline could indicate that your heart is under pressure from extra fat.

You have to be willing to change. However, these changes can’t or should not be permanent. Changes in life are more important than a diet. You are aware that your current lifestyle is not working. It’s time for a change.

You don’t have to be quick to lose those extra pounds. Take your time and let them go. Keep in mind that you didn’t gain the weight overnight. You can’t expect your body or muscles to drop those extra pounds overnight.

Now you know that none of those diets have worked. You need a different approach. Time to make a change in your life.

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Look at long-term outcomes. Based on your height, gender, age, and physical activity, you can determine your recommended caloric intake. To lose one pound each week, you will need to subtract 500 calories per day from your diet plan. It may sound small, but it is important to increase your physical activity.

Yes, fast food is a great option when you are under stress. We should not forget to mention canned or boxed products.

While we love all of the modern conveniences of modern life, which are amazing, it’s important to be aware of what we are actually eating and what manufacturers are feeding us. Be a regular reader of labels.

You can make a lifestyle change to include vegetables, protein, and fruits instead of processed carbohydrates.

Do you think your lifestyle could be a factor in your risk of getting cancer? Before I got cancer 18 years ago I believed modern medicine about how you get it. It was believed that it was genetic. Your ancestors had passed the disease on to you. They said it was genetic and they had the answers. After I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, it turned out that the disease is on my father’s side. I was fortunate to make a wise decision. I used Thompsonian Naturopathic Medicine as a treatment for my cancer. I didn’t want to use modern medicine. I wanted to only use natural healing methods.

My naturopathic physician said that I had a genetic predisposition for prostate cancer. Then he showed me a brief sketch of how it all starts. All of us have some genetic weaknesses, but some are more severe than others. Think of the organs within your body as a long chain. Your life style will pull the chain. You will see the weakest link if your life style is not good enough.

It turned out that my weaknesses were in my prostate and lungs, liver, low back, right hip, right leg, right knee, and liver. These are my weakest genetic connections. These were my main weak genetic links before I got the cancer. My lungs were constantly giving me trouble, my right hip, knee, and shoulder pain were all problems (symptoms of gall bladder, liver, and other issues).

According to my naturopath, these problems could disappear if I change my lifestyle enough.

I was still unable to believe my lifestyle could have contributed to the cancer. Here are the reasons. I lived the American lifestyle. I was moderate in my lifestyle. I did not do any excessive amounts. I did consume white bread and moderate amounts of sugar. I also enjoyed a cup of coffee every day and some meat. I ate what I believed were many fruits, vegetables, and took vitamin supplements. I ate fast food only once or twice a month. I was physically fit. I held a second degree black belt in karate, which I continued to practice every day. I did not take any medication and had never been diagnosed with a major illness. I actually believe that I was more healthy than the average person.

But I trusted the naturopath, so I decided to do what he suggested would cure the cancer.

This doctor advised me that I change my lifestyle and diet. I stopped eating meat, ate vegetables, and stopped eating refined white flour. I also stopped eating white bread, and instead ate 100% whole wheat. I did something that I’d never done before: I began cleansing and detoxing. When I finished, I quit eating solid food and juice fasted with herbs.

I applied this principle to all areas of my life. I looked at all of my life and realized that I was heading in the wrong direction. I gave up working for money to pursue a passion and work in the field I love, earning a living. I avoided or ended relationships with people and places that were harmful. I had a close relationship with God.

Surprise, my cancer disappeared, and the other problems vanished, just like the naturopathic physician said. I did not go back to my old life style. I am happier, healthier, and have not had one sick breath in the last 18 years.


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