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It doesn’t matter if you like it or not, the BCS Standings decides each year which college football players will compete for the National Championship. All of us know that the BCS Top 25 eankings include computer calculations based upon coaches’ rankings, strength and schedules, as well as other types of top 25 polls.

The BCS Standings are complicated. The BCS Standings is an extremely simple ranking system, yet it is the most closely scrutinized on the planet. The BCS Standings comprises three equal components which, in return, form a team’s overall score. The Harris Poll (USA Today Poll) and computer rankings are the 3 components. For each team with a highest percentage ranking at top or in descending order, the average of all 3 components is required. This helps you to understand each component of BCS Standings components in more detail.

The Harris Poll contributes the first component to the BCS Standings formula. The Harris Poll includes former coaches, student athletes, media personnel, and 114 total participants. The Harris Poll has 114 participants who fill out ballots to rank the nation’s top 25 team. Each vote ranked 1 earns 25 points. From the 25th to the 25th placed team, each participant will receive 1 point. There is a maximum of 2,850 points that a team can receive. This applies if all 114 participants rank one team at 25 points per piece. Calculating the percentage of the BCS Standings for Harris Poll is therefore the total number of points divided times 2,850. Florida would have 2,849 points if it received 113 votes in the Harris Poll and one second place vote by its final participant. That gives them a Harris Poll score of 99.9%, or 0.999. The team’s average is ranked according to the BCS Standings formula, which accounts for 1/3.

The USA Today Poll follows the BCS Standings. The USA Today Poll is actually a Coaches Poll that also compiles their ballots for the top 25 college teams. These calculations are very similar in nature to the Harris Poll calculations. However, there are only 1,475 potential points due to USA Today Poll being only 59 participants. To calculate a percentage average, the total points of each team are divided by 1,475 Another example would be that if one team won all the first place votes among all 59 participants it would have 1,475 maximum score points, equaling 100%.

College sports have always been a popular option for people who want to enjoy their leisure time and be active. For people who take their sport seriously, college sports can be a great option. Because college players may one day make it to the Major Leagues, it is worth learning about them. These polls show that college football rankings vary little from one poll to the next. The poll’s top 3 teams are nearly identical, although the order of polls may vary slightly. This report uses statistics and information taken from two polls: the USA Today Poll (Associated Press Poll) and the USA Today Poll (USA Today Poll). They share many similarities and were both taken in the last 24 hours.

The Louisiana State Tigers is at the top both in these polls. This team has received over a thousand votes on both polls. They were projected last year as the second best college football team, but have since moved up to first. Georgia comes in second place with over 15 hundred votes. USC is third with just fifteen hundred votes. USA Today poll shows USC as second with one,300, eighty votes. Georgia is third with one,377 seventy votes. These are the same three top picks, but with some variation. It is very close between Georgia University of Southern California. It will therefore be interesting to discover who the superior team is this year.

Ohio State was also in the top 5 for both polls. Ohio State is ranked fifth on the Associated Press poll with just over thirteen thousand votes. Ohio State is number four in USA Today’s ranking with close to thirteen hundred votes. Missouri is also in the top five of each poll. Missouri is number four in both the Associated Press and USA Today polls. These top five are also in agreement across both polls, with very small differences and very similar votes. This season of college soccer should be exciting. It will be fascinating for everyone to follow the unfolding of this season and find out who is victorious, as well as who has the edge on who. It seems that this year of college football will be very competitive with the poll rankings of these sites. Many of this year’s top college players are seniors. This may open the door to a great future in the National Football League.

Another poll, which is popular, has the same top five results as USA Today and Associated Press polls but with slight variations. This is the Bowl Championship Series Rankings. They are well-known. Number one on the list is the Ohio State Buckeyes. Number two are the Louisiana State Tigers. The Virginia Tech Hokies rank third. Number four are the Oklahoma Sooners while Georgia Bulldogs is number 5. BCS college rankings are extremely important as they determine who gets to the important bowl games which are held near the end each season.

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